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Vendor Spotlight

Welcome to our Vendor Spotlight! Here, we showcase incredible businesses we partner with to enhance your offerings. These are companies we trust and whose services complement our own, aiming to provide you with a well-rounded and enriching experience.

We’re currently featuring Trumpeting Color, a color and fashion analysis business dedicated to empowering you through style. Stay tuned as we add more fantastic vendors to this section in the future!

Trumpeting Color

Meet Paula Jordan!

“When a woman knows what to wear she shows up”. This was said to me 20 years ago. At the time I didn’t understand this advice. As I have worked with women of all ages teaching skin care and color I have this to be true. Knowing what to wear builds confidence. The one thing we all need IS confidence. Knowing what colors make us look great is the first step! I can help others feel their best from the inside out!

Man with Rev t-shirt stands with arms folded

REV Health & Wellness

We are excited to announce another vendor for our Mother’s Day Celebration! Meet Dr. Ryan Domeyer, PT, DPT and owner of REV Health & Wellness.

REV Health & Wellness is a family-owned performance physical therapy practice. It was founded by Dr. Ryan Domeyer and his wife, Becky. Their two daughters, Reagan and Evan were the inspiration behind the company and the company name

(Reagan + EVan =REV).

After working in a traditional busy physical therapy practice for 10 years, Dr. Ryan felt lost. He knew that when Physical Therapy is combined with proper education and strength training, clients get the best results but he never had the time, space or equipment to provide that level of care.

So rather than settling for less than optimal care, Dr. Ryan took a chance and opened a space where Training and Physical Therapy meet.

REV’s mission is to provide a welcoming space to help busy professionals, active adults, and athletes overcome pain and injuries, enabling them to return to the high-performance lifestyle they love to live.

Dr. Ryan will be present to talk with guests about anything and everything to help them live a healthy, pain-free, and functional life! 

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